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Hello and welcome to “The Feisty Side of Fifty,™” the site that celebrates a truly remarkable generation of women. We first-wave baby boomers, now fifty plus but nowhere near matronly, are rockin’ on and still flaunting our famously bodacious style and spirit.We ladies can be deservedly proud of our shared history and our far-reaching accomplishments. In fact, the determined feminists of our generation drove through legislation that reversed centuries of discrimination and forever altered the roll of being born female in this country. (A rather formidable triumph, I might add!)

And now, although the years have likely morphed us from hippies to just plain hippy, in either case we are living large. No one can doubt our critical mass at this stage of the game!In fact, there are twenty-three million of us boomer gals who have already celebrated our half-century birthdays. Better yet, the hormonal changes of menopause make us saucier and more outspoken than ever before. As we ladies reach our fifties and sixties, we truly come into our own in new and exciting ways.

Invisibility Anyone?

There is, nevertheless, the sad but true fact that the popular culture in this country has a history of ignoring older women. In truth, we might have to fess up to a certain amount of culpability in that regard. Way back in the psychedelic sixties, we boomers essentially created the youth culture and then pridefully played it for all it was worth. Now, this very same focus has turned to bite us on our own burgeoning bottoms. (Yes, we can all remember the famous “generation gap” and probably wince at the “don’t trust anyone over thirty” maxims of our youth.)

So, here we go again!

But boomers are known for spearheading sweeping social reforms, making news, and breaking the mold for what is viewed as the “typical” female experience. And, we gals certainly aren’t about to stop that now. In fact, we won’t stand for being shunted to the margins of society or ignored into our “invisible years.” To the contrary, we are ripe and ready to mount one of our greatest and most important cultural revolutions.

Without a doubt, the art of aging is getting a whole new look and we cheeky hipsters will be leading the charge!So, let’s start digging around in those closets, pulling out our well-worn Birkenstocks (sensible footwear for protests and marching), and hitting the crone circuit. Let’s strut our stuff, raise our voices, and stridently claim the rights and privileges for women on the feisty side of fifty. Say it loud and say it proud: “We are the flaming, female boomers and, world, watch us roar!”

And Roar We Will

This site is dedicated to riding the rollercoaster of aging with information, wit, and even a bit of wisdom thrown in for good measure. So visit frequently to get the latest tips for forever flower children to keep blooming ever more beautifully throughout our years.Here is a forum to share your thoughts, experiences, spirit, and sass:

• How do you plan to become an audacious and obstreperous old broad?

• What ways will you break the age barrier and shine as your maturely magnificent self?

Post your comments and check back often to read articles, stories, and postings from fellow boomer bloggers.

Showing a bit of attitude with my friends.  (I'm the one in the middle.) Stay connected and sign up for my free newsletter here filled with tips for feisty living. I won’t share your name. (At my age, who wants to risk the bad karma?) And, you can cancel at any time.
Showing a bit of attitude with my friends. (I’m the one in the middle.)

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76 Responses to “The Feisty Side of Fifty / Baby Boomer Women”

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Look at these 3 beautiful babes….
What a kick!! You are so innovative.

What a great idea! I’m looking forward to a lot of humor and relevant info.

go girl………..

Happy to celebrate each day!!!

It’s too late! I already am an audacious and obstreperous old broad. We are not our grandmothers, that’s for sure!

Too Late, I am already an audacious and obstreperous old broad. Go gal!

Having read your writing, I would like to congratulate you on seeing the bright side in the lives of “women over 50”. – As the older population in general is growing rapidly, it is encouraging to see women mature into powerful matriarchs. By being confident and capable in dealing with many facets of llife, they are assuming ever greater roles of benefactors to their families and society at large.

Am looking forward to reading more of your very entertaining stories and support for women at this stage in their lives. Your writing conveys the message that “women, like good wine, can become more valuable over time”.

It’s so nice to have a safe haven where I can come when I’m soaked from a hot flash and can’t remember my name. Thanks so much for all the encouraging info!

Talk about fun, what an exciting site.

Thanks for representing the baby boomers, Mary Eileen, and showing the world just how great we were, I mean are —
You go, girl!

Thank for all your research
and good advice to stay
active and involved with life!

WOWEE! terrific! refreshing! KEEP IT COMIN’……

It is a wonderful feeling to know you are not alone. Very uplifting!

The women in the picture sure don’t look like they are over 50 – looking good girls!
Go Mary Eileen- this is a great idea with a great future.

I have always appreciated women and my experience and affiliation is also somewhat north of 50. My question is, are men wanted here? While the 60’s failed to live up to my hopes and expectations, many of us men did manage to grow up supporting equal pay, promotion and yes gratification. You are funny and often wise, but I am nervous to tread where not wanted. What’s the dope? Are crabby but not dim fellow travelers wanted?

Thank you all for your great comments! It’s exciting to hear from so many over fifty and feisty friends.
And a special note to Bob: Of course, we ladies welcome the male viewpoint. We may be estrogen depleted, growing our own whiskers, and pretty crabby ourselves. But, hey, that makes us all the more lovable! Just hope you won’t be the Lone Ranger so feel free to invite a couple of your buddies to tread along with you.

Being well over 50, wish someone would have thought of this 10 years ago. Thanks for what you are doing.

Makes me feel happy and proud all at once.
What’s is the deal with the billy goat chin
hair anyway? All we need a 10X mag mirror
and a tweezer to stay fabulous. And fabulous
we are!!!!

I love this site’s “bit of attitude”. Looking
forward to roaring with my fellow sisters!

Reading Bob’s comments was very refreshing. Since the ladies over 50 do not live in a “female only club”, the view from the other side of the hormonal fence could be entertaining and educational.

Write on, girl! Hopefully your words will
help other women appreciate the wisdom that
comes from menopause – even if the physical
trade-offs seem so unfair! I’d love to have my
figure back but sure do appreciate the woman
I’ve become in my fifties! And I appreciate
all of my Feisty Side of Fifty sisters as well!

I’m way past 50, however I must be on the right track!! I’m sure not my mother or grandmother. Good luck on your writing, you are right on, “Life begins at 50”!

From one feisty 50ish woman to another, this
is great fun and “hot” information!

Feisty Side of Fifty – I love that!!!

And we don’t have to be invisible after 50 if we all take that same feisty spirit our generation had when we were young and use it in all of life. Too many have settled for less than they should. I was more invisible in my 30s than I am now because I sat up one day and refused to sit in the corner any longer. :)

The Fiesty Side of Fifty! Oh yea, I love it too! Just stopping by to meet you and reading your post on Kathy’s site. You definitely need to be a member of my Baby Boomer Diva Web of Fame, honey! :)

Hey, there. Feisty sounds good. Right now I’m 49. Soon enough I’ll be a member of your tribe…

From one Diva to another – great to meet you!

Hehehe…I am LOVIN’ your attitude, Woman!

Welcome to the Baby Boomer Divas!

It is truly a wonderful thing to know there are so many of us being confident and feisty!

Great website!

G’day Eileen,
Just came from my email and noticed the latest Addition to our Divas! WELCOME!
Look forward to knowing you better`

Cheers from Sydney, Australia

Your wisdom, attitude and actions are very inspirational.

Mary Eileen, This is GREAT!!! I had no idea you
were involved in such a fabulous forum!
I definitely will sign up for your newsletter
and make this site a favorite to visit often.
You hit the nail on the head – saucier and
outspoken!!! That would be me!

Love your comments! Cyberspace can be a blast with so many feisty friends, both old and new, along for the ride. Keep ’em coming!

Success on your JFKU workshop on October 27, 2007. The women will leave with so much information to support their changes in life. Your enthusiasm is good medicine!

“We are baby boomers
Hear us roar
in numbers too big too ignore
and we know too much to go back and pretend!…..

Your commentary is very well said, Diva Eileen!

I’m 49 (not quite 50 yet) and have been sort of waiting for this time in my life. Not so much the age, but the feeling of being ready to try some things I never had time to do before. I’m a writer. New to the game, but, hope to turn it into something with longevity. I’m ready to try.

LOVED your workshop and all the materials you
provided…including the very special napkins!!
You (and all the ladies who attended) have
reinforced my belief that women our age are
wise and have much to contribute.
Thanks for a great day!

I was so getting tired of being a part of the “invisible” age and gender group.I thought all hope was lost. I now see that I am not alone and there are others to communicate with. Yayyyyyy!
For the first time in many months I feel like I am still a viable,and skilled woman, worthy of all things.

Go, girls!

–Kathleen, a boomer like you (kayoungblog)

I’m looking forward to your newsletter!

Diva Betty Lynch

I got a tiara for my birthday (with a magic wand, lol) and immediately wore it out to lunch with 5 other friends with a red feather boa as an accent.

I would never have had the nerve to do this in my younger years! I love the freedom that I have granted myself as I realized I am old enough to do what I want and not care what others think of me!

It’s probably a good thing, however, that I do not have a teenage daughter as this would most likely have embarrassed her to death, lol!

Terri, aka PopArtDiva, The Martini Diva, The DIVA of TINY FOODS ,The Normal Challenged Artist, The DIVA of DIVAVILLE

Hi Mary Eileen:

Yes, I’m feisty, fifty plus and loving every minute of it. We will give old age a BAD name! Never felt better, never felt stronger.

All the best

G’day Eileen,

You have a wonderful and uplifting blog along with your attitude!
Wanted to personally say ‘thanks’, for just being you…hope I look this good at 50! :)

Love your baby boomer diva sister,


Just stopping by this feisty blog to give a feisty big thanks to Eileen, for signing my guestbook! God bless you mate, you are a true-blue champ!

Love Debbie

You are right on target, Eileen. We are changing the attitudes toward older women, because there are a fair number of us who are actively working at it. Blogs like yours helps to empower other Boomer women to step out and be noticed. Good for you!


Being invisible has never been an issue with me – being a Normal Challenged Artist™, I tend to be naturally audacious! Being older just gives me more freedom to do so!

Rock on for sure! Delicious article!

I’m loving this time of my life. It’s exciting having
new freedoms and even the challenges are do-able.
As long as I keep the enthusiasm of my youth, I think
I’m doing just fine! By the way, keep being feisty – it works!

Hi Mary, Guess what? You’ve just been tagged. Head over to my blog at and find out what it all means. big hugs!

G’day Eileen…

Love to you feisty lady!


I got your name from a friend after discussing the movie “let’s face it” women discussing their relationship to their faces as we age. Cool movie. I love the idea of your site and am looking forward to more inspiring words of wisdom and opportunities to celebrate the journey. p.s. I’m a Mary Eileen too!


This is great!

Nice picture, and like the “About”, “celebrating 50 and better”, if “better” means older than 50, than your talkin’ ’bout me :-)

Like your style! I too write for women in midlife. We rule!

Mature? Who wants to be Mature? I want to be like the rest of you and be feisty, fifty + and fabulous!

Stay young… and then some.

Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher & Editor in chief
WE Magazine for Women

I just posted a link to your blog on my PopArtDiva newsletter!! It is sent out to my subscribers and it will be online for a month! Enjoy the hits!

Invisibility; It is real.
My husband and I, yes men over 50 are invisible too, were at a 30 something party and we were the oldest there. Some were cordial to us but then moved on to their peers and others just ignored us. It is something to get used to that is for sure!

After all we’re in “middle-essence”!

Enjoy! And rattle a few chains :)=

This made me smile — and I’m glad you reminded me of how we thought we were “all that” as we watch another generation think they are “even more all that” — I’m loving learning from them! And I love it when they take a breath and want to learn from me.

Eileen – more posts, more posts! I love what you write so I need more posts!!!!!

I just found your site and read your most recent Apr. 22 blog. Good stuff. I am 50, a three time survivor of cancer, married for 22 years, and my son is 17. I have been through some major changes just recently and your advice that we all come out on the other side of tough times stronger and wiser is so true. I also am trying to empower my 50 plus peers with a new product. I re-invented the hand held fan for the modern woman. If you feel like checking it out it’s
Keep up the great blogging.

You looked great on the tv interview! LOL – are you feisty? “ask my husband” – Roflol!

The PopArtDiva

Wonderful site and great information!

cool site, keep it going!

Lol… This is almost like you’re reading our minds!:) We’re a group for 50+ women,, who chat a lot, laugh a lot and have fun! We share tips, advice, laughs and lend an ear when its needed.. Do join us! We NEED people like you!!!:)

Well…these are great questions…but I really don’t think of myself as an old broad (I’m 57)… i much prefer the term feisty bitch :) I will shine and break the age barrier in my own small way, by “admitting” my age when people assume I’m 10 yrs younger. As Gloria Steinem once said, “This is what 50 looks like.” And that’s exactly how I answer their disbelief :)

i think it very refreshing that you as you are, am im a guy that’s about 7 years over fifty… for what it”s worht

I couldn’t agree more!

Forties are the new thirties, Fifties are the new forties….we just keep getting younger and younger.

Most of us are happy to be 50+, but how do we change the cultural perception that it’s downhill from here?

Just dropping in to say hello..and let you know finally my book will be released in two weeks….Hope you are doing great…carol stanley

Wow! You all are a powerful inspiration. I agree ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!!! Keep up the great difference making work of making us all feel focused, fantastic and FEISTY

Stand up for who I know myself to be and embrace frienship!

I just found this site, and it looks like FUN and FEISTY FEMALES exist everywhere! I plan to bookmark this page, and check back often!

I love your website. I had never blogged or
commented until Sarah Palin was nominated VP
Candidate, but she absolutely energized me to pay attention to and get involved in politics.
I am starting my career over at 52 and I love seeing women
who are strong, feisty and full of life after
50 (I think younger men like that too!)
My physical goal is to surf again. I surfed as
a teen and in my early twenties in San Diego
and Hawaii and I’m determined to get on a board

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