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My Blogging Debut

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Yep, I’m starting an entirely new and strangely scary process. I’m going to be a blogger! As with many baby boomers over fifty, the very thought of writing an Internet diary is a totally foreign concept. Although I enjoy writing stories, an ongoing confessional for all to see is a bit much. Nevertheless, I strongly advocate that my clients take appropriate risks and I’m growing the writing side of my career, so here goes…

I was one of those women who dreaded turning fifty. For months prior to that intimidating birthday, I was busy girding my loins for the formidable assault to my vanity and pride. There was absolutely no way I could kid myself and claim to be “forever young” any longer. I was, to say the very least, upset.

But, destiny has a way of taking its own course and fate stepped into my life big time. In truth, my fiftieth birthday was totally different from anything I could have imagined. As I had wanted to ignore the date, I hadn’t planned any celebrations. That turned out to be a good thing because I was totally occupied with other matters.

My mother, who had been ill for many years, died three days before my birthday. So, rather than blowing out candles, I was planning her funeral. Actually, the timing was somewhat comforting. Both events, huge in my life, coincided in a way that seemed to soften the blow of each.

Although I missed her terribly, my mother had been so sick that I was relieved she was no longer in pain. And, I didn’t give any thoughts to my wrinkles, my growing waistline, or any other worrisome cares that this particular birthday engenders.

Many years have passed since that day. (I’m not going to tell you how many—at least not in my first blog!) And, I have come to treasure my fifties. Yes, I’ve suffered through some significant and painful losses but I’ve also experienced great joy and celebration. I truly feel that I’ve come into myself and am more confident and self-possessed than ever before. I like being an ornery old broad and I’m stretching myself, taking on risks, and speaking my truth. In fact, I’m enjoying the prime of my life in deeply satisfying ways I could never have known as a younger woman.

But, I’m interested in your stories of marking your half-century birthdays and beyond. Did you celebrate like there was no tomorrow? Did you reflect upon the past and your lost youth? Do you feel like you have grown and changed significantly since your younger years?

Please share your experiences and express your thoughts on the matter of all things aging. Tell us a bit about yourself and the challenges and joys you’ve known living on the feisty side of fifty.

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