Glad I Am Not Young

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As I was drifting off to sleep the other night, my leg made an involuntary twitch that jolted me back awake. I suddenly had a terrible thought: “Could I be suffering from the earliest signs of Restless Legs Syndrome?” The potential of this dreaded disease set my mind to reeling with all sorts of dark and gloomy thoughts. Nevertheless, despite my agitation, a sense of knowing calm soon began to slowly spread over me. I need not worry! “RLS” was a young person’s disease. In fact, I’d never heard of it until quite recently. Comforted by that thought, I shortly fell back asleep and slept soundly and peacefully throughout the rest of the night.

The very next day I was again reminded why I’m glad that I’m a woman of “a certain age.” While out shopping, I spied a lovely young lady colorfully clad in a sundress with a brightly hued flowered print. As I found myself beginning to envy her youthful energy and the pert bounce to her step, I became aware of what I considered to be a huge and distracting fashion faux pas. She clashed! Now, I don’t mean her outfit or her accessories. I mean her body! One entire forearm was adorned with the figure of a large fire-breathing dragon while her other arm boasted an equally large bouquet of roses surrounded by scarlet hearts. These renderings were, most definitely, not coordinated themes, nor did either provide the appropriately muted backdrop for her wildly colorful dress. The backs of her knees sported figures too, but I wasn’t close enough to discern them. Wow! And I had been worrying about covering up my spider veins, freckles, and age spots!

Without a doubt, we boomer gals have enjoyed a number of generational blessings over the years that have enriched our lives. I, for one, am grateful for the small things:

1) I’ve never had to consider piercing anything on my body beyond my earlobes.
2) For much of my life, when I phoned customer service, I immediately spoke with an actual, flesh and blood person! Plus, (and big bonus here) they were trained to be polite and helpful.
3) When I was young, there were no entertainment centers—no multiple buttons, switches, remotes, wires, and unintelligible manuals. There was a TV with rabbit ears, a dial, and one, elegantly simple, on/off switch.
4) I’ve never had to deal with the heartbreak of a full-blown Internet addiction.
5) I remember when people used real words and not just unpronounceable acronyms.
6) Sixties’ and Seventies’ rock ‘n’ roll was the BEST.
7) We may not be “forever young” but we are undeniably still the “grooviest generation” on the planet.

Okay, so I might be sounding old, judgmental, and crotchety. But, hey, I am! And, I’m proud of it! Yes, life is pretty great on the far side of fifty and nothing beats being a feisty old broad with attitude!

So, what are the ways that you are grateful you have reached your years of wisdom and sass?


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5 Responses to “Glad I Am Not Young”

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My thoughts exactly!

Ah yes, I remember, too – and I’m glad!

Right on! (As we of a certain age are fond
of saying.)

There is an old poem that was published in Ann
Landers years ago. I do not recall the name
but it went, “Remember when hippie meant big
in the hips and Pot was a vessel for cooking
things in…..” We will need a new version and
your writing may hit on some of the key rhymes.
Carry On!!!

If plastic surgery continues to grow in popularity, our daughters who choose not to indulge will stick out. While most of us boomers are basically aging naturally altogether.

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