My Own Civil War

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall—See it Slide, Watch it Fall…

Yes, ladies, we all have to accept the inevitable sometime. There are many wondrous, varied, and uplifting aspects to being a “woman of a certain age.” But, there are also a few itsy, bitsy, teeny, tiny downers.

In my own case, many of these less than fun features have to do with the dropping and widening of the fleshier parts of my body. That great grounding force, gravity, has been tugging a bit hard as of late and much of me appears to be traveling south with a vengeance.

What amazes me most, however, is that I appear to be heading in two directions at the same time. Despite the drop to my bottom, boobs, jowls, and eyelids, there’s a brand new roll of flesh just north of my waistline. I seem to be fighting both the north and the south simultaneously and mounting my body’s own civil war!

If you are experiencing similar rites of passage, I’m sure you can relate. Nevertheless, let us not descend into despair or wallow in self-pity just because we’re sporting a roll or two. We boomers are now the Grand Dames of the land and are redefining every aspect of aging. And, it’s certainly high time we let the world know it.

Here are some numbers to prove the point: women control 85% of the spending in the U.S. and 75% of this country’s wealth lies in the hands of those of us over fifty. We ladies, therefore, have both the means and the wherewithal to make our voices heard and demand that the government, job market, media, and arbiters of style begin paying attention to the more mature woman.

Let’s start making our wishes known loudly and clearly. After all, we never were a generation for compliantly accepting the status quo and visibility, most assuredly, is a boomer’s birthright. In fact, I like to say that we are like the “elephant in the room.” We may be grey and a bit wrinkled but, without a doubt, we gals represent a power of immense and mighty proportions.

So, let’s celebrate our sags and bags and give them the honor they are due. These are the irrefutable signs that we belong to a cohort of truly remarkable women with a formidable past, a bright future, and who will continue to change the world. Then, dear sisters, with our oft cited boomer bravado and penchant for generational hubris, let’s go out and do just that!


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3 Responses to “My Own Civil War”

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Here, Here!! Celebrate yes, but also definitely VOTE!

Not only do women control 85% of the spending they also create revenue from just their daily lives! I did a blog post about how much money is generated from secondary revenue streams – it’s amazing! Just living your life generates more money into the economy.
We women are far more valuable to the economy and the world than we even suspect!

Okay, does that include hair?? lol Amazing that years of underarm shaving have been replaced with lip waxing! I only hope there is someone available if I wind up unable to take care of myself?? haha Learning to love yourself is a task, but your post gives me hope :)

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