Women Over Fifty—Take the Challenge!

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For those of you who have been following this New Year’s series—proven methods for achieving the success you want—I’m inviting you, now, to step up to the plate. For those of you who are new to my blog and haven’t, as yet, had a chance to review the guidelines, I suggest you take a look at the process. Each of the steps can be found under posts made in January or those under “Your Midlife Revival.”

As women over fifty, the majority of us have spent much of our lives putting the needs of others ahead of our own. In fact, all too frequently our goals fell to the bottom of our lists. In many ways, we’re hard-wired to do this. Mother Nature has graced women with the hormones and brain chemistry that cause us to nurture and do for those around us—especially as mothers of young children.

With age, however, our hormones shift and we acquire a renewed focus on our own aspirations. So, ladies this is YOUR TIME and there never was a better one. Numerologists tell us that 2008 adds up to a “one year.” Accordingly, this is an auspicious time for creating a vision for yourself, beginning new ventures, and setting and achieving goals. I’m not suggesting that you start believing in numerology (unless you already do) but this does seem like a great message to kick off the New Year.

So, without further ado, let’s take the plunge and commit publicly to achieving something we deeply desire. As promised, I’ll begin the process. I’ve wanted, for some time, to get rid of my middle-aged spread once and for all. This means I need to lose at least ten pounds. A few more wouldn’t hurt, but I’ve learned to make my goals challenging enough to motivate me but not so difficult that I’ll get discouraged and quit.

According to our guidelines, I need to keep my end goal in mind and work backwards to create smaller, achievable steps so as to monitor my progress:

I hereby commit to losing 10 pounds by May 1st.

7 pounds by April 1st

4 pounds by March 1st.

I’m stating these goals publicly and will report back to you monthly. I recognize that the added incentive of declaring my progress, or lack thereof, in an open forum will help me overcome temptation and keep my eyes on my desired outcome. After all, I don’t want to have to tell you that I’ve failed. 

And, now who will be next to step up to the plate? I realize that this can be frightening but it can also be a huge motivator. Think of the stars who’ve advertised their diet successes on TV. When they started, they needed to lose substantial amounts of weight. But, with all those eyes upon them, they also knew that they shouldn’t and wouldn’t fail.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking only about goals that concern weight loss. These are just good examples of the power of planning, monitoring your progress at selected intervals, and using a network to support your efforts. But you may have very different objectives for yourself. Just remember to break your end result down into smaller steps so that you can schedule and check your results as you go along.

So, make your commitment public and go after what you want with the full force of your resolve and energies. This is truly your golden opportunity to define your goals, take on the challenge, and pledge to make your very own dreams come true!









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6 Responses to “Women Over Fifty—Take the Challenge!”

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Good for you going public with your goals. As you know it helps to put it out there not only from an energy point of view but from the support you can get from those who know what you are doing. My way of getting the holiday spread off and getting back to fighting shape is to enroll and train for the MORE magazine half marathon. No marathoner this girl but 13 miles is doable and my best friend and I do it together–have done twice already in fact–to celebrate her birthday and our fabulousness.
Glad to have stumbled on your blog.
Gregory Anne

We can do it together, Eileen. I have committed to lose 15 lbs. by the Girlfriend’s Retreat in Daytona Beach in mid-April. I have lost 20 lbs over the past year, but it has been very slow. Still, it is encouraging to know I have made some progress.

I have no doubt that you will achieve your 10 lb. goal!

I am 47 years of age, a mother of three,[two adults one teenager]and recently fell victim to the vicious cycle of mortgage interest rate boom…we lost our home and our business, but this is not the end for us! My goal, is to basically get back on track, and even though I cannot put a time on this, we have already begun our quest!I am NOT going to lose this fight, and the first step is to relocate, we are already looking at other properties and will continue to do so until we have what we want! The last couple of years have been an incredible struggle, financially and emotionally, but also a huge learning lesson,and in between it all I have had the responsibility of caring for my elderly father after we lost my mother to ovarian cancer. My mother had s saying which I try to live by..There is no such thing, as ‘can’t’…This baby boomer has a dream!

I want to thank the brave women who stepped up and made their goals public. I applaud you!
I also want to say a special note to Debbie who shared some formidable challenges. Your heart, your strength, and your courage will hold you in good stead. I’ve seen your remarkable talents and these will pull you through. You are one feisty and fabulous woman!!

You can do it girl! I know you can. :)

What a way to motivate us! Put those goals out there and take ownership of them. That way we can support each other – and hold each other accountable (which I do need sometimes).

My goals: Lose 50 pounds this year (1 pound a week). I’ve lost 5 so far so I think I’m on track with that one – for now!

Debbie – go get ’em, girl. I know you will do anything you put your mind to. I admire you for facing your challenges head on.

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