Women Over Fifty—Meeting the Challenge

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After working hard on goals throughout the month of January, I want to shift focus and present some exciting news. In fact, this information is both encouraging and revolutionary and should go a long way to motivate each of you to follow through and achieve what you want for yourselves—even into your later years.

Some of us over fifty report a sense of slowing down, not feeling in our prime, and not being as clear thinking and energetic as we used to be. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Although we may not have the physical stamina we did in our youth, our sense of sense of ourselves as unique and vital individuals, our joy in living, and our big time brainpower are growing ever stronger. In truth, the aging process provides some real potential for success in many facets of our lives.

recent study based on data from 2 million people in 80 countries showed that depression tended to peak in women around 40 years of age. After that, we grow more content and satisfied with each passing year. Researchers cite a number of reasons for this but the bottom line is that we become happier and more fulfilled as we age. Of course, many of us boomer gals already know this. In reality, we feel ourselves primed and ready to go and grow in more ways than ever before.

But, that’s not all the good news. Current brain research demonstrates that the brain continually regenerates. We have the capacity for lifelong learning, ever-greater knowledge and, yes, wisdom. In fact, the years over fifty may produce some of our most creative and extraordinary achievements.

So, ladies, let’s move forward and show the world what we boomers are made of. Let’s get out there and make things happen for ourselves. There truly is no stopping us now. After all, we’ve got the post menopausal zest and the brains to go after what we want. And, it’s high time we show those young whippersnappers what a feisty gal over fifty can do!


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3 Responses to “Women Over Fifty—Meeting the Challenge”

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Yes we are indeed feisty!Thank you for your wonderful blog. There is a movement going on. All the young whippersnappers will learn somthing from us and know life isn’t over when you mature. Keep up the good work.
Debbie Zipp
In the Trenches Productions
Celebrating the Power of Women over 40

An inspirational post Eileen! Informative, Positive and inspirational. Thank you!

I saw a write up of that study. That is encouraging news. I find this stage of life wonderful and fulfilling.

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