Women Over Fifty—Claim Your Pride

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When was the last time you were proud of your age? If you’re thinking decades ago, I might suggest you make a slight shift in attitude. As baby boomer women, we are making fifty and better THE age to be!

There are lots of reasons for this. For starters, we represent the first generation whose female population can expect to live at least another thirty years, hopefully productive, after the age of fifty. Secondly, we are the only age group whose numbers are far greater than previous as well as subsequent generations. We do represent a critical mass and, yes, we’ve probably added a couple of pounds over the years so that mass just continues to grow. But, better yet, we remain as gloriously outspoken and willful as we were in our youth. So, no shrinking violets here: we ladies just won’t tolerate being shunted to the margins of society, all too often the matronly destiny of our foremothers.

If there ever was a generation of women over fifty who REFUSE to become invisible it is us! After all, by virtue of our numbers alone, acknowledgement, visibility, and communal clout are a boomer’s birthright.

So, forget fifty being the new thirty. Fifty is the totally new and revolutionary, sexy and saucy, white-hot and smokin’ FIFTY! We lucky ladies can be proud to claim this age as our own—in fact, let’s flaunt it by being the most bodacious, out there, and rockin’ set of grannies the planet has ever known! 

istock_000001668441xsmall.jpg No this isn’t me but I do admire her spunk and style!  


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17 Responses to “Women Over Fifty—Claim Your Pride”

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Hi Mary, You keep on writing! I too am well over 50 and I love what I am. It is amazing what we have become since our grandmother’s day. I recently wrote an article about what my grandmother had been like at 72. You need to have your picture on the front page. You are an inspiration to all women. Karla

I really admire your spirit.We certainly are a completely new generation of oldies. How do you like my new name for us all,-seenagers

I’d like to agree with you…but then why is it so painful when the AARP mail shows up??

It’s really great being a fifty-something. When I think back on how many insecurites and fears I had as a young woman, it amazes me. There’s an incredible freedom that comes with turning 50, and it’s something I wouldn’t trade for all the Botox in the world!

I am not over 50 — actually, I turn 50 in May. So many women are absolutely stunned when I admit this. The whole “shame of getting older” thing convinced me to create a website, which I will launch this week. I am so glad to know there are other women, 50 or over, who realize that there is indeed a lot to be proud of about being 50, 60, 70, and older. My mom turned 86 last week. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Fifty is so nice, I think I’ll live it twice!!!

I’m having the time of my life and I’m not letting my age stand in my way from accomplishing those goals God has designed for my life.

It’s also great to be associated with women who share a similar attitude.

As far as the AARP goes, they used to be known as the “American Assoication of RETIRED Persons” a group that my grandparents identified with. That may be why it’s hard for us to jump on board. There’s nothing in my immediate future that says RETIREMENT.


Love your blog. I’ve included it in my own blog on being 50. I didn’t think you would mind. :)

Yes, I want to be a “rockin granny” but not the kind the world knows of.

World’s Coolest Grandma. That’s the title I want.

How right you are! What’s so great about 30? I love being 50 (plus a few, lol) – the freedom alone is worth every wrinkle and sag! I’m no longer trapped by having to look, talk or act a certain way.

I love being a boomer Diva woman of a certain age!!

I’m not there, yet, but am closing in on that magical age of 50. I’m enjoying my life!! Age is just a mental thing, well and sometimes a physical thing, but love whatever age you are. Thank you for your post!

I went to my 4 year old grandaughter’s ballet recital the other day, and remembered my mother going to my grandaughter’s mother’s ballet recital at the same exact age that I am, and I dare say that I am healthier, more spirited, and nowhere near ready to settle into a rocking chair and act “old.” We are definetly a new species.

Yes, “fifty and better”–I like that! I laugh when I think of a time shortly after I turned fifty when a nurse asked for my age…I had a tough time getting the word “fifty” out of my mouth. Since then, I have come a LONG way. My best birthday ever was almost two years ago when I turned sixty! I am now so proud of every age and I celebrate my birthdays with the joy of a child.

Ladies, we acquired so much wisdom, we have had so many experiences and learned so much from them–we can definitely stand tall with pride no matter what our age. We have always had the right to be authentic although many of us may have been caught up with the belief that we had to meet the expectations of others. That is an old worn out false belief that can be tossed out with the trash!

My dear friend and colleague Lynn Hull and I recently co-authored a book, Your Life Your Way: The Essential Guide for Women because of our passion: We want to see more mature women living the life they deserve and pursuing dreams they set aside earlier in life–it is never too late and we are never too old. I invite you to visit our blog that is under construction at http://www.essentialguideforwomenblog.com.

All of us have a choice in each moment and we can choose to step out and live with zest!

Being over 50 rocks. I’m far more comfortable here than I have ever been. I always thought that 50 was ancient, but being 52 is the best! So much behind me, and twice as much to explore in front. I’m forming a niche blog experience for “grand mommy” bloggers. Should be great!

How enjoyable to read this! I am turning 50 this year and feel just great about that. For the past two weeks I decided to take part in competition of bicycling to and from work. I did 190km and am just proud of that. Being a grandmother of three I think it’s just great to be able to do whatever I feel like, starting my own business and continuing to read your blog like many Lucky Ladies :)

Yes! I’ve never felt more alive, empowered and filled with grace then I do now. The things I’ve let go of have made the space for so much spirit.

I never had a problem with being 50 (now 53), but it seems others have or do. But hey I am doing my bit NOT being invisible, coz us jafagirls (art group) do what we want, when we want and when we’re in the mood.

Like your blog by the way :)

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