Women Over 50—New Directions

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Lately, wherever you turn, you can’t miss the news on the economy. It spews from talking heads on TV, from radio broadcasters, and from big, bold headlines: businesses, both large and small, are tightening their corporate belts and laying off workers in droves. Especially vulnerable to these shifting tides are older employees.

Of course, the suits would never admit it, but the recent economic downturn provides the opportunity to unload employees who have worked long years to achieve some pretty big salaries. Adding to the financial cost of older workers is the mindset that we are no longer willing to disregard the fullness of our lives, focus solely on the grindstone, and cheerfully put in a sixty-hour workweek. Whether or not this is true, the perception is there.

So, what does that mean for us women over fifty? Actually, this can prove a positive and motivating turn of events. Many of us may be in careers of long standing and are feeling that we are ready for a change. Although we may be less than enamored with our situation, it is the brave few who willingly opt to turn away from the familiar and head into uncharted territory. So, although we may not recognize it at the time, getting the corporate shove out of the nest is just what we need.

In fact, it is often the difficult periods of our lives that provide us with the greatest gifts. Distress often leads to progress. When written in Chinese, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters: one represents danger but the other represents opportunity.

I’m a career and life transition counselor by profession and will spend several upcoming posts addressing career issues. As I’ve written many times before, this period in our lives can be our most rewarding and successful. We are at the top of our game. We have honed our skills, expanded our experience, and own our strengths like never before.

Again, it all comes down to our attitude. We ladies over fifty have earned the right to know that our work has meaning beyond a paycheck. This truly is our time to express ourselves, both at home and in the workplace, in all our wondrous maturity.

Here’s an article on businesses for boomers to get you thinking in some new and different ways.


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8 Responses to “Women Over 50—New Directions”

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I’m looking for Christian women over 50 to
blog with. Stay at home, retired women, who
enjoy reading and writing about what the Lord
is doing in their lives.

Calaveras County CA

This is a great business post Eileen! And you’re right, with the economy looking the way it is, more people should be looking at alternative careers. “Pursue Your Passion” is what I say!

As an artist of over 40 years I have had to adjust to many economic crises in the past. But for me that is simply another opportunity to be even more creative and come up with something that sparks my juices anew!
Distress not only leads to progress it is the mother of invention because it is the sister of necessity!

We’ve experienced this, in my case I stayed home raising children while hubby worked, then his old company started failing, so he got a new job, slightly lower pay, that company wasn’t doing so well, so another new job, a bit less pay…and now they have been told this company will be moving…vicious cycle.

I went out into the work force after being a stay at home Mom and the pay is LOW for us going out there after a number of years, so there are lots of ways this economy we find ourselves in can affect us :-)

Every day I realize something new about the beauty of being over fifty. I love this stage of my life. I’m confident, have a wee bit of wisdom, and know that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to do.

I am now 54 and have been in marketing and sales all my life and I closed down my estate agency business 2 years ago – built a cottage – rented out the big house for an income and now I am sitting in the cottage desperately trying to write books to young people are abuse awareness and drug usage awareness – but boy do I suffer with inner emotions and a lot of frustrations – basically because I am a bit of a hermit now – dont socialise and search for my life purpose – Oh boy just another crossroad for me – another hurdle to jump over but how?

I am 50+ and I recently lost my job. First I cried and then I tried to minimize the impact of not having a job would have on my life. Well several months later I feel somewhat discouraged, confused and uncertain about my future. I feel lonely and isolated. I really have no one to talk to who would really understand what I feel.My husband comforts me but sometimes he doesn’t truely understand how I feel. Society doesnot always welcome us older ladies with open arms. I feel stuck and just would like to communicate with someone who can feel my pain.

Thanks for writing your comment, Debra. It sounds as if you could benefit from connecting with someone who can help you deal with some of your feelings. Do you have a counselor, or someone in your church or community who might understand what you’re going through?

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