Baby Boomers and Distress Free Aging

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In this world, it is difficult sometimes for us to figure out what we wish to do or how to get to where we want to go in our lives. Well, Amy Sherman, author of “Distress Free Aging” has written a book to help baby boomers creative a purposeful life.

I had an opportunity to ask Amy a few questions about her book:

What do you think is one of the biggest challenges for boomers as we age? There are many challenges, but one of the biggest is having to deal with our aging parents, while we’re still raising our kids and trying to fit it all in while we’re working full time.  Some other challenges include realizing that we, ourselves, are aging and unable to fulfill our dreams.  This challenge leaves us disillusioned and disenchanted with our prospects and sometimes at a loss with what to do.  Of course, a shift in perspective, some inspiration, good solid goals and strong motivation can change all that and transform us into who we want to be, if we are willing.

 Is our generation facing unique stresses that those who came before us did not?  I think we recognize that we are stressed more than previous generations.   It’s the new “buzz” word of our times.  Technology has also added to our stress, with communication between generations easier and with obligations greater. 

 How do women cope differently than men? Women are naturally more emotional, more sensitive, and can recognize their feelings easier than men.  Women also participate in more self-help workshops, which gives them greater insight and skills to cope with their challenges.    Women, in general may be more open to alternative ways of thinking and behaving than men, just because they are natural nurturers and mediators, always trying to smooth things out and foster cooperation.

 Please provide one or two simple strategies we can use to de-stress our lives.

Designate jobs to others so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed.  We sometimes feel we have to do everything, but there’s lots of help out there available when you ask.

Also, make sure you have time for yourself by meditating, doing yoga, exercising, reading, etc.  There should be no guilt expressed for having a few minutes to yourself, just because you deserve it.

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2 Responses to “Baby Boomers and Distress Free Aging”

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Hey Eileen, here’s a way for Boomer women to
cope with stress, especially if still employed
outside the home – – divy up the duties. What
self-respecting guy would still make his bride
do most of the heavy lifting at home? Yes,
caring for aging parents is tough duty. Most
guys are not wired that way. So, leverage that
duty with his maleness taking over more work
at home.

Now here’s a book I should be reading.
Amy is definitely someone on the ‘baby boomer ball’-
I am getting older, and now looking after an older parent while jugglig everything else in between.We are not handed any instructions when having our babies, nor when suddenly thrust into the role of mothering your parent!
Our generation knows stress oh too well, and way too much. Where can I get this book??? :)

Thanks so much for sharing-

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