Pardon My Tags

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Okay, I have to confess, as a woman over fifty, I no longer adapt so well to change—especially when the change is unwanted. I’ve had my love affair with WordPress for quite some time but, this past week, they did something that upset me. They started displaying my tags at the top of my posts. I write about a variety of topics so I have a lot of them and they look like wrinkly green ants marching across the top of each and every page.

How I wish I could call the blog exterminator and simply delete them. But WordPress deemed that consistency was more important than personal preference, and such tags are common on many blogs so, unfortunately, they’re here to stay. My readers used to be blissfully unaware of my tags—perhaps some idle minds may have wondered what secrets these might hold. (If you did, might I suggest that you expend your energies in more productive outlets?) However, now they’re displayed with a prominence any exhibitionist would envy.

So, I’m borrowing a sentiment that is etched onto the tombstone of the great wit, Dorothy Parker. Actually she wrote “Pardon My Dust,” referring to her resting place six feet under, but I’m not nearly so clever so can only copy her in the most elementary fashion. 

Yes, dear reader, please do pardon my tags. I’ll be judiciously slashing their numbers and only using ones that reflect the actual content of the post so that those annoying green words are kept to a minimum. Do your best to overlook them, as will I.

Thank you for sticking with me, ants and all, and please share any blog horror stories you wish to confess. For those of us in the over fifty set, blogging is a strange new and sometimes confusing world that can be both exciting and frustrating. But, I guess, that’s the charm of trying anything new and, at our age, that’s good for the soul. 


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2 Responses to “Pardon My Tags”

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Not to worry. Most of us don’t read the fine print for a bunch of reasons!

Yes, I noticed that too. Don’t like it all. Must be my age… :)

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