Women Over 50—I’m Too Old For Fangs

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For those of you my age, you’ll remember with fondness the name of Phyllis Diller’s husband. It’s lost in my memory bank (too many withdrawals by now) as to the reasons for such a moniker, but I love the name. So, you know I’m not writing about him.

No, I mean real fangs—well, not exactly “real.” But, I came upon a pair yesterday and they were doozies!

My husband and I had the unfortunate experience of getting a flat tire on the freeway. A piece of some type of metal garbage flew off a truck landing right in front of us. My husband didn’t have a chance to avoid it and, a few seconds later, we heard a loud “bang” and the car lurched to the right. Actually, we were very lucky because we were driving in the far right lane. So, we pulled off onto the shoulder of the road and immediately called for service.

About a half hour later, the tow truck appeared and out popped a burly looking young man. He appeared to know what he was doing and was polite and friendly. It was when he was pulling off the hubcap that I noticed it. He had a huge four or five inch tattoo of a skull on his inner forearm. Adding to the startling effect of this particular piece of artwork, rather than teeth—the skull boasted fangs.

Okay, call me judgmental and old, but my mind started reeling. Was there a serial killer, with a tire iron in his hand, kneeling right next to me? Was he some fugitive from justice who had forged documents so that he could get a legitimate job and blend in with the rest of society? Were my husband and I in mortal danger?

Thankfully, the answers to all these questions are probably “no,” but it does give one pause. Why in all of creation do the young folk of today plaster their bodies with these huge and disturbing designs? They certainly make going barefoot and growing out your underarm hair pale by comparison!


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8 Responses to “Women Over 50—I’m Too Old For Fangs”

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A tatoo is supposed to represent something personal. Some gang members are known to have teardrops tatooed on their bodies to depict the number of people they’ve shot or killed. Now if you see someone like that, just try to fix the flat tire yourself!

Sometimes there are advantages to being blind :))

I never pierced any part of my body or accepted a single tatoo, but I suspect these things may often be done when the image has a temporary but intense meaning – and that 6 months later the young person might be into a whole other set of images. Is it an accessory? Or art? Or protest slogan? Or mistake? Or the icon of some rock group you and I never heard of? Whichever, the circumstances of being dependent on the side of the road surely added to the tension. I’m glad it all turned out cool.

I so agree with you about the ugly tatoos that the younger generation are wearing.
Please don’t get me started on the piercings that they have on their bodies also.
And to think all I did at that age was to remove my bra. (But I never burned it.)

In my late fortys i got a tattoo on my left arm. it’s a butterfly sitting on flowers. why did i do it, well i am trying not to lose touch with my son’s (my youngest gave me the tattoo for my Christmas. why a butterfly? well my childhood (yes that old chestnut) wasent the best so wearing the butterfly reminds me that i have come thriugh adversity,With the young, well it may have a specific meaning or it may be peer pressure. We all want to fit in and be part of somthing. Try taking an interest it’s an education!

I think some do it for shock effect, to watch the reactions of others, to get attention. But some do have meanings worth knowing.

I was visiting a friend, we were talking by her van and a gentleman comes up asking for directions, new in the area, I think was looking for work. Well dressed, polite, had an accent. Her husband came out of the store a few minutes later, said hello, joined the conversation. Couple minutes later he was we’ve got to go now. We left. driving away he told us the guy had something that peeking through which meant he was Russian maffia. (He was in law enforcement.)

when I worked census 2000 we got many complaints about one of my team members. She had a tatoo on her arm which wasn’t completely covered. Too hot for long sleeves. Sweetest lady you’d ever meet, but others didn’t trust her because she had a tatoo.

Each individual’s choice,

I am too much of a coward to get even an upper lip wax nevermind a tatoo , but I do enjoy seeing them. I bet I would have rather enjoyed the skull with fangs (if you see my artwork you’ll perhaps understand why lol!).

To me it is just another form of body art with an ancient history, some of it is horrid, some wierd, and some quite amazing.

hiay, thanks for dropping by :)

I enjoy popping in here and exploring the issues your bring up. Being a woman of 53 and facing the sags, the invisibility, the hot flashes, etc etc, it is nice to know I am NOT alone.

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