Mental-pause—A Brain Game

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Many women over fifty complain they become more forgetful. In fact, some have affectionately dubbed this phenomenon “mental-pause,” and there are real physiological reasons behind it. There are estrogen receptors throughout your brain, including the hippocampus, and this is the part involved in certain aspects of memory. So, when estrogen levels drop, your brain and your ability for recall are affected.

In fact, I know this to be true in my own life. Things seem to be slipping through the cracks, and every day brings fresh surprises and more than a few awkward moments.  I have to run back to the store because I neglected to buy the milk, I forget names and stand mutely by when it’s obvious I should be making introductions, and, without my datebook, I wouldn’t remember any of my appointments. 

But, before you get too worried that your own gray matter is graying, check out this fun little test. It’s called “How Old is Your Brain?” I did and was pleasantly surprised. In fact, I’m beginning to feel my noggin literally popping with new and sprightly dendrites!

To play:

1.    Touch “start”

2.    Wait for 3, 2, 1

3.    Memorize the numbers’ positions on the screen, then click the circle from the smallest number to the biggest one.

4.    At the end of the game, the computer will gage the age of your brain.

Good Luck!!

Click here to start




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8 Responses to “Mental-pause—A Brain Game”

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Fun game. Interesting facts.

I think I like this game.
The computer says my brain is 26 years old.
Now if only my body were that young I could be very happy.

Bear((( )))

That was fun! I actually got all but one right! I got a 30 ~ Whoohoo! Thanks for sharing How old is your brain. I guess its like other parts of the body – use it or you loose it. Poor guys!

Have a wonderful day… and more.

Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher
WE Magazine for women –

OMG – I got 37!!!! And I screwed up two by hitting the wrong circle accidentally, lol.

That was fun! I wish my body would test that age! LOL.

If I don’t write it down there is a good chance it will be forgotten. It drives my daughter nuts! I always encourage people to remind me of things. I think that age combined with the fact that our schedules are so packed with things to do and think about contributes to mentalpause.

OK I’m confused. Should your be shooting for the HIGHEST score? If so, wouldn’t that mean your brain is OLD? I scored a 35, then a 29, then a 32. So what does that really mean?

Yes, the rating may be a bit confusing, but your hope is to get a low score. That means your brain is a young whippersnapper with dendrites rockin’ and rollin’ in youthful abandon!

On my blog today, I posted a menopause moment.
Come over for a visit.

Bear((( )))

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