Women Over 50—Grey Power Goes Political

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This is not a political blog. I figure, by the time you’ve made it to fifty, you’ve pretty much planted yourself on one side of the aisle or the other, or you’ve decided that you’re an independent and go with your current candidate of choice. In either case, it would be next to impossible to persuade a woman over fifty to throw away her beliefs and convert to the other side—not a lot of wishy-washy types in the menopausal set.  

However, I did come across a candidate who is so down to earth, so remarkably fresh in her outlook, so truly inspirational in her vision, and her stance on the issues is one we can all understand. In fact, she’s ONE OF US! Yes, this candidate is a woman who kissed her half-century birthday goodbye a while ago, and I don’t mean Hillary Clinton.

You are undoubtedly already well acquainted with her name and her likeness. In fact, every year when your birthday rolls around, I’m certain you receive several cards containing a personal message from her. With her unambiguous viewpoint and feisty take on life, she’s brightened many a boomer’s day.

Her name is Maxine and she has a blog called Hot Flash Central. You can check out her site to see her message or click here to view her stump speech. Either way, don’t miss the opportunity to view this lady in action—she’s got oodles of grey power and, better yet, she’s a hoot!


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5 Responses to “Women Over 50—Grey Power Goes Political”

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I have Maxine on my blog list.
Even if there is not a new post, the Maxine photo is changed daily.

If I were an American I would vote for her.

Bear((( )))

I do hate politics, but this was fun for me.




Although I am not a fan of the way Maxine is portrayed, I do like the comments and sayings built around her. She’s sassy and tells it like it is! Now if she would get the classy thing down—she’s be a DIVA for sure! :)

Did I ever tell you I met the creator of the Maxine cards when I went to the Hallmark conference? He said the image was designed after his own mother several years ago. She must be a pistol!

Vote for Maxine! I’ve been a fan for years. I’m not much for sentimental mush unless I really mean it so I’ve bought my share of Maxine-themed cards over the years. She always seems to know what I want to say and isn’t afraid to say it. What a refreshing breath of honesty. Too bad she isn’t running for office. I’d vote for her!

Love it. Thanks for sharing…I’m going to visit Hot Flash Central often! (Well, hopefully not that often.)

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