Women Over Fifty—Our New Heroine

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I know, I know—I do it, too! I get all fired up, decide to change my life, and commit to exercising every day. I’m going to finally say goodbye to my muffin top, tighten my posterior, and get rid of those extra fifteen pounds that seem to stick like glue.

Then, somehow, I get busy, or start a new project, or we go away for a couple of days. Whatever the excuse du jour, I get off track and return to my ways as a sedentary, senior coach spud. The muffin top remains and so do the fifteen pounds.

But, I’ve got some new inspiration: Dara Torres. She’s the American swimmer who, at 41, just became the oldest Olympic swimming medalist. I’m sure you’ve seen her ripped body and awesome abs. Although her physical presence is amazing, I’m more inspired by her spirit.

Torres has not let age or anything else stand in her way. She focused on her dream, worked hard for it, and came out a winner. And, she’s only in her early forties. Wait ‘till she hits fifty and really becomes feisty!

She’s inspiring women all across the country and I’m going to use her to inspire me, too. I’ll envision my head pasted on top her body—like the tabloids do with the heads of celebrities. And, just like the law of attraction and the promise of The Secret, I’m certain I can manifest this new look for myself.  

Well, maybe not exactly. At any rate I’ll go back to huffing and puffing and pumping iron. Got to run—I’m headed for the hiking trail!


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11 Responses to “Women Over Fifty—Our New Heroine”

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Swimming is such a great sport and Dara Torres just makes it look all too easy! I too, am inspired by her inspiration so I guess I’ll head back to the gym next week!

Share some of that inspiration with me, Feisty. I have an itty bitty 10 pounds to go and they’re sticking with me. I guess that means more walking for me.

Hey, glad I found your site. I have been searching for the feisty older sisterhood! I have found more than I thought I would and I think we’re gaining steam as a blogging group. Come visit me some time.


Oh, and um, I’m going to do some exercise today too. I think. Just as soon as I’m done, uh, blogging. Maybe.

Isn’t Dara Torres amazing? I’m so happy to see a mature woman in the Olympics – she’s proving that women over 40 are winners still!

I was a competition diver in my youth – but I was the slowest swimmer! I always watch the swim and diva sessions.

What’s a muffin top? Guess I’m out of the latest slang, lol

The next time you visit my blog scroll down to the very bottom of the page and see my counter that I pasted there about my weight loss so far.
I put it at the bottom of my page because I truthfully didn’t think I would see any improvement since June.(and I didn’t want anyone to notice.)
I’m pleasanly surprised to find that I am slowly taking the weight off.
Keep up the good work.

Bear((( )))

Not only is she an inspiration for us to get rid of our “muffin tops” (that creates such a visual) but she is also an incredible example of sportsmanship. Last night she had the officials hold the race so that one of her competitors could change her ripped suit. She then went on to win her race. I bought new walking shoes today so that I can get back on track with my walking and turn my full size muffin into a mini muffin.

Good for you!

I am all about inspiration.

I started a new 15 minute daily radio show for my listeners that are working on the goal to quit smoking. I just started it 3 days ago and already have listeners and great comments.

Even though my focus is to help people stop smoking at the moment, I tell them about all the great basics – drink water, move your body, eat fresh fruits and veggies, think positive thoughts!





It’s so hard to exercise. I feel your pain.

I am proud of you for setting goals for yourself and your determination to get in shape. Torres is an inspiration. Good luck to you as you begin to discover the benefits of exercise.

Dara Torres is an inspiration – I should post her picture on my computer, so that the next time I think about maybe I should get out of my chair and go to the gym – or at least walk around the block, she will “guilt” me into action! and besides, I LOVE swimming!

Good luck on your exercise goals. I’ve just changed to a vegetarian diet to reduce my cholesterol, and I’ll be exercising more, too.

I write a blog for boomer consumers called The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide at http://boomersurvive-thriveguide.typepad.com.


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