Women Over Fifty—Do You Remember Spoolies?

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On Thursday, I was the guest on a wonderful Internet radio show called “Trippin’ Down Memory Lane.” Host Pop Art Diva, aka Terri Dennis, really knows her stuff (loads of trivia from the past) and we reminisced about everything from old TV shows, to historical events, to spoolies, press-on nails, and other glamour aids. I invite you to take a listen and see if any of these memory makers rings a bell for you.

In the meantime, what do “Sky King,” “Super Circus,” and “Annie Oakley” have in common? Well, for those of you who were children in the fifties, they were beamed across the airwaves and into your very own living room along with the likes of the even more famous “Superman” and, of course, everyone’s favorite freckle-face, “Howdy Doody.”

What a great time to be a kid! Many of us lived in suburbs, skated around (key in hand) on sidewalks, jumped out of bushes in a burst of cap guns fire, and caught moths, fireflies, and ladybugs in jars with holes poked in the lid. We played hopscotch, jump rope, and tetherball. If you were a girl, you probably had a Ballerina Doll, a Tiny Tears, or the ultimate in chic—the first Barbie doll.

So, take a moment, think back and remember what was your favorite TV show? Who was your favorite hero? (Heroines were pretty scarce back then.) What kind of games did you like to play? Did you own a slinkie or a hula-hoop? Did you have a bucket purse with a rabbit’s foot on a chain around one of the straps?

The weekends are a perfect time to reflect, take a little trip down memory lane, and remember the thrilling days of yesteryear!


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11 Responses to “Women Over Fifty—Do You Remember Spoolies?”

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Eileen, my family loves to tell the story about the day they were flipping on through the channels (probably all 2 or 3 of them) when they came across Howdy Doody. My mom said I got so excited, I stood on my head! My mom was related to Mrs. Malaprop–had a hearing problem–so she often misprounced things. She called him How-Do-Ya Doody. My other faves: Tom Terrific; Kukla, Fran & Ollie; Pinky Lee; and Rocky & Bullwinkle.

Here’s a game that came up in conversation last weekend when I told my husband had a sore throat and I kidded him not to give me his “cooties.” Remember the build-a-bug game? They still make it!

Oh my goodness! I remember those metal skates and trying to keep up with that key. Fireflies still amaze me today. I remember trying to catch them in the jar and then all that hard work down the drain when Mom made me let them go before bedtime. Hula Hoop! Never could keep that thing going. Haha! Thank you so much for the wonderful memories!



Most all the dolls of that time had blue eyes. I have brown eyes. I begged for a doll with brown eyes. I got the most beautiful, brown-eyed doll that Christmas. She had brown eyes that opened and closed. Her dress was yellow, dotted-swiss. I wouldn’t put her down all day. My older brother was teasing me that night, trying to take her away from me. He ripped her dress. I cried myself to sleep. I think I’m still a little heartbroken over that doll!

I loved Fury, Little Rascals, Rin-Tin-Tin, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, and all the other westerns of the time. I heard your show and you were talking about having the cowgirl skirt and all. I didn’t have that, but I had a stick horse I rode around and around the outside of the house. Anybody remember those things? The heads were plastic. When mine tore up, I took to riding a mop around the house.

Here’s a few for you:

Tree swings and tire swings
Sticks, string, and safety pins for a fishing pole
Red Rover
Home Churned Ice-Cream
Patent leather shoes
Buster Brown
Johnson’s Paste Wax
Castor Oil (not everything was pleasant in the 50’s) LOL

Eileen – more great memories! You should have saved them for a second interview on the show. . . . no, wait! Let’s do a special edition live show! Let’s call it THE DIVA PAJAMA PARTY and let’s all get together, don our jammies, grab our telephones, pop some Jiffy Pop, shake up a few martinis and do a live show together!
I send out an invite to all Baby Boomers and Divas to join us! Let’s get together on a mutually convenient evening and have some fun!

Pop Art Diva, TRIPPIN’ DOWN MEMORY LANE – A Pop Culture Talk Show

It is very interesting to read how different society was back then—even for little children. I am just pleased to know I grew up in an integrated neighborhood where I had the privilege of playing with children from other races. It was extremely rare back then—which may explain why society remains somewhat the same today.

Our favotie neighborhood game was Hide and Seek, Kick the Can, Mother May I and Hop Scotch.

So many memories of a much kinder and gentler era in our lives.
I remember Kukla, Fran and Ollie, Howdy Doody, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and so many other great TV shows.

Bear((( )))

I loved Romper Room and Bozo the Clown.

Do you remember the Sonny and Cher Show? The Carol Burnett Show? I loved the comedy Variety Shows.

One of my favorite toys was the Spirograph. I loved all the designs I could make with it.

I still miss my Chatty Cathy Doll!

There’s not a thing in your list of things that you remember that I don’t remember! I think we had a lot more fun back then, were more active than some children are today now that there are computer games and things.

Did you ever watch shows, then try to re-inact them? I always loved writing little plays then dragging my brother and sister into acting them out with me. I really have to get back to working on my Memories and Nostalgia blog, it’s been a long time since I posted on it.

Happy weekend!

Claudia, the Happy Nutritionist

Uh oh, I don’t know what a spoolie is??

I was more in line with Vicki’s memories, the comedy shows. I LOVED Cher on the Sonny and Cher show. I love the Monkeys and when I was really little, I danced in front of the TV during the Ed Sullivan show all the time.

I enjoyed watching the Flying Nun, and Bewitched, too.

Sunday nights with Mutual of Omaha’s show, and then the Wonderful World of Disney after that. I had long curly hair, and we had our baths before the shows so that we could get our hair rolled up while we watched tv!



Spoolies! I had pink ones. They also came in turqoiuse, too. I loved them. I insisted my mom use them in mmy hair. I remember her parting my thick mop — telling me the whole time, “Your hair is already curly, you don’t need spoolies.” But I loved the pink! And, I loved spoolies. And I loved all things “girlie” and I still do! And I looked like Little Orphan Annie…that part wasn’t so good…

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