Women Over Fifty—Hurray for Old Broads!

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Okay—our girlish assets might be slipping just a tiny bit and it seems the migration south has settled firmly around our waistlines and our hips. But, despite such physical rites of passage, our spirits are soaring ever higher as we grow into our ripe and robust splendor as women in our wisdom years.

We boomers share a long and glorious history of smashing typical female stereotypes—and we aren’t about to stop that now. So you won’t be finding meek and mild grannies in this generation of females over fifty. We’re just too busy pumping iron, starting businesses, writing books, or being actively involved in community and political affairs.

And we’re clearly more self-possessed, smarter, and more confident than in our earlier years: far less willing to be led around by the demands of others. More than that, we are truly coming into our own and it’s time to celebrate the dynamic and dynamite woman we are.

So make a pledge today that you will live your life to the very fullest, take risks so that you continue to stretch and grow, speak your mind with strength and clarity, and mount your own efforts to put the “grand” back into grandmother. We boomers are just the generation to make grey the new groovy and keep those good vibrations coming our way for many years to come!


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6 Responses to “Women Over Fifty—Hurray for Old Broads!”

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I have so much more self-confidence now, better overall perspective. I’ve mellowed. And if I’ve become invisible in the sense of no longer being a “babe”, then I’ve also become more visible in that I’m more authentic, and people sense this, I think.

Aging is a love/hate proposition. There is a certain freedom, lack of self examination that happens..and the kids are pretty much grown (for most of us) However the mirror is not always so friendly..and it does take a bit longer to get put together..However we feel more confident or if not..don’t care ….And we look a lot better than our moms did at this age…that is pretty certain. Just thought I would put my two cents in …carol stanley author of For Kids 59.99& Over.

I so agree with everything you said. And if we don’t make the change and set ourselves up as positive role models, who will? I want my kids looking forward to the wisdom and grace of getting older! Now, the part about the grey hair though…haven’t been able to give that up yet! I suppose when I can’t see the roots anymore, I’ll stop!

We’re not only a role model for our children, but our grandchildren as well. Get those little rugrats off the couch and away from those video games and out walking and hiking with grandma. Visiting museums and learning history the real way by experiencing first hand instead of reading it in a book.

Would I want to go back to my teen years? Heck no!! Back to my 20’s or 30’s?? not even. I love my life now. I’m fit, happy, and confident. This is the best time of my life.

Because I am more self-possessed, know a lot more and I don’t worry so much about what others think of me I am enjoying life so much more than in my younger years!
I’m also wanting my hair to hurry up and go silver so I can color the tips in magenta and turquoise, lol. I might have to hurry along the silver though, I got my Mom’s hair and she only had a touch of gray in her eighties!

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