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First off, let there be no doubt that I celebrated my half-century birthday a number of years ago. I’ve also had a long career as a counselor and have worked with thousands of baby boomer women dealing with life planning and career transition issues.

My personal mission is to reach as many of my gender and generation as possible to celebrate our remarkable history, our awe-inspiring futures, and just plain hoot and holler as only the menopausal can. We gals have overcome some pretty formidable challenges and we’re not going to let a few wrinkles stop us now. We’re bringing a whole new look and spirited style to the aging process. In fact, our next major revolution will be nothing short of astounding. Yes, gray will definitely become the “new groovy.” So, here’s to us, the incredible, incomparable, fabulous, female boomers and to embracing life fully on the feisty side of fifty!

Mary Eileen Williams, M.A., N.C.C. has over fifteen years combined experience as a career/life transition counselor, workshop facilitator, university instructor, and writer. As a Nationally Board Certified Counselor, Ms. Williams specializes in working with women in the throes of midlife and mid-career transitions and assists them in creating personally rewarding and meaningful futures.


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19 Responses to “About Me”

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Hey – You go girl!

I’m so glad there is a website celebrating the journey we have all been on. We are definitely full of wisdom and enough energy to have fun. Thank you for creating this for us!!

Thanks for shining a light on this
underserved audience–we deserve respect for
what we have already done and what we will do
in the future.

Great ideas!

Reading what you have written makes me want to be LOUD and PROUD about who I am – a woman in my fifties! Thank you for doing this for all of us women 50 plus!!! I look forward to more from you and from others who join in the conversation.

Thanks for being outspoken and leading the way to encourage other fiesty fabulous fifty females to join the revolution!

I found your site after getting yet another, “Weren’t things better 100 years ago” forwards from a friend who should know better.
Thank You,
Kris Clark

I’m changing my attitude for the new year.

I’ve just started blogging. I’m just south of the Boomer age group (1943), but I’m still active, working part-time, and thinking about starting another M.A.
I’ve had a rewarding career as a court reporter, but I’m really having fun as a college professor. Who says the other side of fifty is about getting old? I think it’s all about living every moment well.
Thanks for creating this space. I’m hooked!

*Eileen, 2-12-08

Thank you for your comments. Yes, I just simply write about my life–nothing heavy or profound. A chance to connect with friends and family.


You go girl!!! I’m doing the same with my blog:
http://www.MidlifeCrisisQueen.com Check it out!

Hi, great site! I’m adding you to my blogroll, and I’ll be back :)

Hello Mary – I just wanted to send a note to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and your unique and Fabulous perspectives on midlife! Thank you for the work you are doing. Come visit us at http://www.50Fabulous.com where we are all about education, inspiration and motivation for we “boomer & beyond” gals.
Pattie Heisser

Hello Mary,

Will you have any other workshops in the future? Workshops like the one you had on October 27 @ JFKU? Also, are your reports available for Pod Casts for the Ipod’s or Zune’s? Thank you

Thanks for asking, Karen. My next workshop for JFKU is coming up in the fall–Saturday, November 15th to be exact. And, I’m planning on starting an Internet radio show in the near future. It will feature interviews with women who are feistier than ever and thriving after fifty. I’ll be announcing this soon.
My reports and seminars aren’t as yet available as Podcasts but you’ve just given me a great idea! Thanks!

I thank God for your website. I am fifty also!!!

Thank you for the inspiration and movitation for women over fifty.

Hi Mary,
My name is Carol King, former marketing coordinator for “the baby boomer diva” Beverly Mahone. I met two wonderful women by Beverly’s boomer retreat in Daytona last weekend that have the most incredible collection of cards & gifts called Perri-Meno-Pudge! Each Tuesday( I got mine today) they will send you a “joke of the week” that is hilarious. You can learm nore about Perri-Meno-Pudge by visiting http://www.PerriMenoPudge.com. Make sure to tell them that Carol King sent you:-)

Thank you for visiting my site and for the beautiful comment you left there:)
I am enjoying your writing about the wonderful age of 50+ and I’m sure I will continue to visit your site to enjoy more of your readings.
Thanks a lot for creating such an inspiring site.
All the best, Lilja.

Mary Eileen, I found your blog searching “women baby boomers inspiration.” We are kindred spirits, and I will definitely link to your site–hope you’ll consider the same. It’s great to know there are others in the blogosphere joining me in blowing up the old Old! That’s what the boom in baby boomer is all about to me.

Thought I would drop in and say hello…I love the attitude and change that is going on…I remember as a twenty year old I though fifty was the end…Now of course we know it is the beginning…Thanks for a great site…Carol Stanley author “For Kids 59.99 and Over” http://www.carolstanley1.com

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